4 Things Recruiters Find Off Putting In Your CV

Have you been sending your CV over and over again and been failing to get a response?

Even when you’re more than qualified for the job position?

Then it could have something to do with your CV, says Margaret, our Head of Recruitment. “Often we receive a high volume of applications, but sometimes, due to a poorly done CV, many great candidates miss out on opportunities they would otherwise be qualified for. It’s all about presentation,” she explains.

A curriculum vitae is usually the first point of contact between candidates and recruiters and if done well can act as a great marketing tool. In today’s competitive job market, writing a good CV is vital in clinching that all important job hence you can’t afford to make costly mistakes.


Here are 4 things you might be doing wrong.

  1. Poor grammar

Recruiters list this as one of the major buzz killers in CVs as it looks negligent on the candidate’s part. And, let’s face it, no employer wants to hire a negligent employee. Always proofread your CV for spelling and grammatical mistakes a couple of times and have a third party read it for you to get a fresh perspective before sending it off for job applications.

  1. Lengthy CVs

You might be tempted to include everything you’ve ever done in your CV to give yourself the best shot but this might doing more harm than good in the job search process. Recruiters are humans, not robots, and are likely to lose interest in your CV if they find it too long and are time constrained. Make sure your CV is not only compelling, but concise, including information that is relevant and important to your job position. Anything related, can be summarized to avoid drawing attention away from your great qualities and save on unnecessary space.

  1. Going Overboard

It might not seem it, but recruiters can spot falsified information in your CV, and if you’re trying too hard. While it is important to put your best foot forward, avoid overly complicated and flowery language that might make the recruiter fail to capture what you’re trying to convey. Remember to be as truthful, as possible.

  1. Format & Structure

While this may vary according to region or industry, it’s important that all your information is organized and presentable for the sake of recruiters. Have a third party look over it and ask them if they can draw they key points you’re trying to convey within a few seconds. You can also do some research on acceptable standards of CVs within your industry or have it professionally written if you’re not sure how to go about it.

In the end you want a CV that will be positively received by the recruiter, getting their attention and forming a good first impression, long enough to highlight your skills and experience and hopefully land you that dream interview.


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