5 Tips to stay motivated in the job search

It is quite normal to feel frustrated and lose motivation as an active job seeker. However, you need to keep your morale high during this moments. Some of the ways you could ensure you remain motivated include:

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

  • Learn to move on

It is quite tempting to ask yourself a lot of questions especially after getting a rejection letter. You may end up asking yourself questions such as;

“What is wrong with me?”

“Is it that I am not good enough?”

These questions may flood your mind, leaving you depressed. The question you may ask is, “where did I go wrong in my application? “This helps to improve yourself in the next application rather than making you feel less worthy. The truth is, sometimes the company may have already identified someone for the position or there was someone more qualified hence more suitable or other reasons why you got rejected. There are various recommended ways of handling job rejection.

  • Become strategic in your job application

There are numerous vacancies coming your way and a lot of recommendations. It is quite enticing to send out applications to all these positions, but, it’s good to note that this might end up causing more discouragement. Focus on applying for positions you feel excited about and those you meet the qualifications. You do not need to meet 100 percent of the qualifications as in most cases how you present and negotiate during the interview is what matters.

  • Take a break and sharpen your skills

The pressure of finding a job may cause you to spend all your time 24/7 writing and sending out applications. However, as we know this may eventually land you a position, but you may end up feeling too discouraged and overwhelmed. Take time off and re-energize in the day, you could also use this time to network as this will be beneficial in the job search.

It is important to take advantage of the time you have and sharpen your axe(skills). Identify some of the skills needed in your industry and enrol to gain a certification or build on your skill set.

  • Volunteer and utilize your skills

Apart from taking a break, you could lend a hand to an organization of your choice. This will help in taking your mind off the frustration of the job search and instead you will focus your energies on utilizing your skills and gaining more experience. Furthermore, you will interact with people and this will build on your connections. This is the most effective way of keeping motivated in the job search process.

  • Identify a motivation partner

Finally, it is recommended that you join a job seekers group or identify someone in your circles whom you would update on your job search process and who is willing to be a motivation partner. This person can be someone who has landed a job recently or one who is still searching and identifies with your job search woes. Recruiters can also be good motivation partners as they not only prepare you for the job but also recommend the job positions to apply.

If you feel like giving up on your job search, use these tips to keep yourself motivated. You will soon land your dream job.

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