How to deal with Job Hunting Stress

The fear and uncertainty of not having a job is a crucial stress factor in most developing countries. Sadly, in some cases, it has even led to depression. How do you stay mentally healthy despite not having a job yet or even after losing your job?



Don’t compare yourself with others

Like we say, everyone has their own timeline in this life. This is easier said than done when you hear Jason is now working at PWC, Rita got a job at Unilever and Patrick is now at Deloitte. You wonder, “where did I go wrong? We were in the same class with these people, now look at them well settled in their jobs and earning well while I am here struggling”

This stress may easily make you feel like a failure and fall into depression. Its so hard to ignore the success of others, but the best thing is to realize that their success does not mean that you are a failure. Social media makes things even worse as we see people posting their job positions and trips, but rarely would one post about their struggles. At this point, you may find yourself trying to prove that you are also living a happy life but you don’t need to.

Think positively

Look at your CV and celebrate your achievements. Sometimes the delay in the present may make us forget about our past success and achievements. It’s good to look at your CV and pat yourself at the back for the success and steps you have made in the past. This will make you realize that indeed if you made it then, you have all it takes even now.

You can also make an analysis of your skills based on your past achievements and experiences. Did you manage to set up a new strategy and fulfill it in your past position? That is strategic management. Were you able to relate well with your colleagues and this was one of your highlights? Then you have excellent interpersonal skills. By doing this, you will know your strengths and this will boost your self-image.

Become more organized

You could use basic tools such as Microsoft EXCEL or other Online Organizers to help you plan and become more organized in your job search. You could make a table where you write the name of the company, contacts, documents needed, contact person(where needed) etc. This will help you keep track of your job search progress in a less stressful manner as well as help you stay motivated during the job search.

Distract yourself

Find something to do to keep your mind from being idle. You could exercise if this makes you feel better, get a place and volunteer or even start a side-hustle. What makes some people feel bad about themselves is not being employed but actually having nothing to do the whole day. The moment you keep busy and maybe even earn something from it, you will begin to appreciate yourself even more. In the process, you could identify a different path of your life apart from the stipulated profession.

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