How to dress for a job interview

It’s very exciting to be short-listed for a job interview, but here comes the part that brings anxiety, how do you dress for the interview to create the best impression?

It is said that 55 percent of people judge you based on how you dress. This means that when you are thinking of what to wear for that day, you need to think of the A-Game. Have it in mind that how you dress speaks not only of your personality but also your work ethics. The role you are applying for should also determine how to dress. This is where good research of the organisation comes in handy, as you will get to understand the company ethics and expectations in terms of dressing as they vary from one organisation to another. Poor dressing could be one of the reasons why you go for interviews but no job offers. So what are some of the considerations you need to make to give the best personal image?

Photo by Andrea Natali on Unsplash

Photo by Andrea Natali on Unsplash


Have a well-fitting and iron-pressed outfit

Well-fitting clothes are important for men as they are for the ladies. For the men, you should always wear a suit that is the right size. An over-sized suit, which is a mistake a good number of men make in interviews, will make you look sloppy which is not what you want to portray. You should also ensure that the belt is pulled up the waist making you look tidy and mature as well. It is also recommended that the belt is the same colour as the shoes. For the ladies, avoid wearing small-fitting mini-skirts, low-cut tops or bold prints to the interview. Proper fitting and comfortable high heels are also good in portraying a good posture. Remember, the main objective of the interview is to show professionalism, therefore dress the part.

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Ideal outfit colours

Most people opt for black as it is the safest colour, but also a symbol of authority. Navy blue conveys confidence and power and it is advisable for the suits of both men and women in an interview, while a white shirt and a red or blue tie are preferred for the men. If you intend to go for other vibrant colours, keep in mind your skin tone and avoid colours that would distract the interviewer such as pink for ladies.

Good grooming

The outfit goes hand in hand with grooming. The nails should be short and well manicured. For the ladies, you should avoid brightly coloured nail polish and instead go for a more neutral colour, you should also go for subtle makeup and minimal jewellery. It is important to be well-shaved and have a nicely coiffed hairstyle for the ladies. Good grooming portrays self-respect, therefore, ensure that this is well brought out in the interview.

In conclusion, remember that all the interviewer sees from the moment you walk through the door is how you are dressed. This means that if you are uncomfortable in your outfit it will all show and this may cost you a position.No matter how well prepared you are for the interview in terms of presentation or how much you have practised that firm hand-shake, your outfit and grooming speaks volumes. Therefore, consider making the right impression.

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