How to find a job with no experience

A common problem among undergraduates and recent graduates is lack of experience. However, most job opportunities even entry-level positions want at least one year or two years experience in a relevant position. How do you break through the job market with zero experience?

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Do you really have no experience?

This is one fundamental question you really need to ask yourself. Just because you didn’t get paid for something or it’s not in your career line does not mean you never got any skills or learnt something.Its all about how you package the experience.

Emphasize on your soft skills

Experience is important,but soft skills are as important. Therefore in your job application, despite your lack of experience, you could talk about your leadership skills, level of interpersonal skills, presentation skills, team work, attention to details etc. Emphasize on these aspects that make you stand out. Some of these soft skills may not have necessarily been gained from a job,but they may land you your dream job.

Schedule informational interviews

In order to gain an understanding of a day in the position you are aiming at, you need to identify people in the same position and schedule informational interviews with them. This takes alot of courage, but in the current job market , you need to stand out from the crowd.Make sure the informational interview is as engaging and that you get to know everything you need to know about the position and the industry.

Go out and Volunteer

Finally, you need to find opportunities to volunteer or an unpaid internship in that organization you dream about,it is really worth it. Volunteering will not only equip you with hands on experience that you can include in your CV but will also create a networking avenue.

In conclusion, yes we are all complaining that companies are asking for experience and yet we have none. It’s all about how you package yourself and the soft skills you already have. It’s all about getting out there and volunteering in your dream organization.Remember to stay motivated in your job search, you will soon land your dream job.


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