How To Find The Right Talent

“All the best ones are taken.”

Sound familiar?

It might seem hard to believe but there is great talent out there waiting to be found if you just know how to look. In today’s competitive market place, businesses need gifted and quality hires who can solve problems and innovate while still staying true to their vision. After all, businesses are made up of people and great talent will affect how your business interacts with your client; a major determinant on whether your business will thrive in the market place or not.


Where It Begins

“Contrary to popular opinion, finding the right talent starts before even the recruitment process begins. From how companies brand themselves as potential employers to how they treat their current employees,” Margaret, our Head of Recruitment says.

“Good planning is also essential before beginning the recruitment process and determines how effective your recruitment strategy is.”

In simple terms, great companies attract great talent.

how to find good employees - recruitment in kenya

Here are a few tips to get you on the right path.

  1. Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to try out new recruitment methods if your old ones aren’t working out all that well. The problem might not necessarily have to do with the pool of candidates who are applying but with how you’re screening them. Make sure that your recruitment methods suit your industry and company culture and consult with recruitment specialists to increase your chances of finding the right candidate.


  1. Use the Right Platforms

To find the right talent, you have to go where they are. Use the right channels where the calibre of candidates you’re looking for are likely to find out about your job post while leveraging technology to find out more about them. Don’t underestimate your current employees as a good recruiting channel as they are usually your best marketers when it comes to recruiting and have an understanding of your company’s workings and who’s likely to fit in.


  1. Create a great job description

Aside from the standard responsibilities and qualifications pertaining to your vacancy, make sure your company puts its best foot forward on why they’d make a great employer briefly and to be as upfront as possible on what they expect from potential employees. This prevents disappointment on both sides as you both know what to expect and creates a template from which to assess candidates.


  1. Career progression

Create an environment where employees who wish to further their careers are encouraged to do so from providing training opportunities to promoting higher education. Employees are always looking to progress their careers and this shows them that you value them enough to invest in them.

Opportunities for career progression not only help you to retain the great talent that you costly acquired in the first place but attract great talent as well. Don’t forget to review your compensation program during the recruitment process as great talent almost always never comes free. If you’re not sure how to go about this, conduct a salary survey in your market to ensure you remain competitive


Not sure how to go about your recruitment process?


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