How to Master the Art of Networking as a Job Seeker


One thing job seekers need to note is that the process of finding a job is not only limited to sitting behind a computer sending out multiple CVs. When you go to events, these are places where future employers are and huge decision makers are. You always need to be ready in case you bump into someone who will be that link to your dream job.

The following tips should come in handy for you:

  • What do you want?

Before you step out in to the networking world. You must know what you want from your life. You should have a few set career goals and objectives at the top of your head ready to present to whoever asks. When you are specific you even show the other person that you are ready to start working and get things done.

  • Body language

In this instance you do not have your CV speaking for you so you are your best marketer in this case. Give a firm handshake, stand tall, and look at the person right in the eye to reinforce trust. Do not be tense, smile and speak with confidence. You are passionate about what you do right? Then show that clearly.

  • Be true to who you are

Do not fake your personality. Be who you are when with your friends a little professional though but still let your personality shine through. A person will only help someone they like, be likeable. Do not be stiff remember this is a networking event where everyone is letting their hair down and are a bit more free compared to how they are during office hours.

  • Do not ask for a job

At this point you are talking about your passions and interests. You are showing the other person how much you are looking forward to working in the industry and also talk about the challenges it presents. The person may not have a vacancy at that point but they will remember your enthusiasm and one an opportunity arises or one of their connections has something, you will be at the top of their list as a referral.

  • After getting the opportunity

Do not be one of those ungrateful people who after getting what they want just up and disappear. This can come off very disrespectful. Why not keep them updated on your progress and check on the person once in a while. This shows that you appreciate the time they took to help you out. This will make it easier for you to request for help in the future.

  • Always evaluate yourself

We are a work in progress. After a successful event, take note of what you should keep doing that led to your success and if not get help on how to improve. Taking inventory of your network and where it is lacking is time well spent. If you feel your network is out of date, then it’s time to upgrade!

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