How to Improve your presentation skills for the job interview

The anxiety that comes with attending a job interview cuts across new job seekers to even those with many years of experience. The importance of good presentation skills can therefore not be under-rated.

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Sometimes you feel adequately prepared for the interview, but when it comes to the interview time, you realize that you are just mumbling and cannot even answer the easiest of questions correctly. This can either be as a result of panic or insufficient preparation.No matter the reason, you can always work on your presentation skills:

Dress smartly and look interested in the position

Your confidence levels and dressing goes a long way in improving your interview experience. It is crucial to ensure that you are well-dressed for an interview. This will ensure that the interviewer concentrates more on interviewing you more than your dressing. Secondly, you will also feel confident and this will highly boost how you present yourself.

Adopt the habit of collecting your thoughts

In a bid to look confident, most interviewees will answer questions without listening intently to the interviewer and collecting their thoughts. This highly affects the quality of answering the questions because in most cases, you will end up giving a predisposed answer instead of what the interviewer asked.

This is a habit you should adopt not only for the interview but also for the day to day life. Learn to take in a breath when asked a question, this gives you time to analyze the question as asked, collect your thoughts and then give the best answer.

Learn to speak slowly and coherently

The best way to get the attention of the interviewer is to speak slowly and pronouncing each word clearly. Sometimes anxiety may cause you to speak hurriedly and mumble out words hence confusing the interviewer. In addition, avoid speaking in a monotone as well, this may lose the attention of the interview. Learn to use tonal variation depending on the emotion and the emphasis needed.

In this way, the interviewer gets what you are saying and is interested to listen and know you more.

Get prepared

Above all things, preparation is key! Do the necessary research of the organisation and the position you are interviewing for, go through the common interview questions and learn how to answer them and think about your background and skills.

This will build your confidence and your presentation. You don’t need to know all the right answers, however, if you are not prepared then you will have no answers to give.

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