Interview Tips for interviewers

You are having crazy deadlines to meet, a lot of reports to complete, meetings to schedule and the most stressful of all- recruitment to do! This can be a headache for managers especially for organizations without hiring managers or reliable recruitment consultants.

Preparation and professionalism are key to successful interviews. This will ensure that you don’t bow to the pressure of work-load and end up making bad hires in your organization. So as the manager, what are the fundamental interview tips you should adopt to make the interview process less overwhelming but successful?

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Review the Candidates CV before the interview

Candidates are encouraged to have eye-catching CVs, but sometimes the hiring managers don’t take the time to keenly review the CV before the interview. This will help you in preparing the interview questions based on the candidate’s past experience and soft skills. It will also minimize on time wastage by having interviews with unqualified candidates.

Outline a clear interview structure

A good interview structure will minimize confusion and awkward moments in the interview room. A basic interview structure is giving a brief description of the organization, outlining the job roles and then asking the candidate questions. Finally, you need to give the candidate an opportunity to ask questions before wrapping up the interview session.

Have a list of questions that are directly related to the Job Description

To ensure a productive interview, you need to list the key responsibilities outlined in the job description and then retrieve questions from there. This will allow you to ask questions that will sift exceptional candidates from the ones in attendance.

Ask Behavioral Questions

In your list of questions, you need to ensure you have behavioral questions where you ask:

“Tell me about a time when……”

“Given a scenario that,… would you handle it?”

This will give you a clear understanding of the candidate’s personality and how they handle issues.

Be keen on non-verbal language

You need to avoid interrupting the candidates and give them sufficient time to answer the questions and express themselves. You also need to watch the candidate’s facial expressions and gestures as they speak. How are they dressed for the interview? How confident is the candidate? How much enthusiasm do they portray?

Remain polite and professional

Make sure you keep all your questions job related so that you don’t spend the interview time chatting away. As a way of extending the professionalism, make sure you give feedback to the candidate to make them know whether they got the job or not.

In conclusion, for successful job interviews, it’s not just the candidates to prepare. As the interviewer, you also need to know that you are a representative of the company-dress well, know as much as possible about the organization, have an interview sequence and remain professional. You could also consult experienced recruiters to make your interview processes seamless.

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