5 Tips to stay motivated in the job search

It is quite normal to feel frustrated and lose motivation as an active job seeker. However, you need to keep your morale high during this moments. Some of the ways you could ensure you remain motivated include:

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

  • Learn to move on

It is quite tempting to ask yourself a lot of questions especially after getting a rejection letter. You may end up asking yourself questions such as;

“What is wrong with me?”

“Is it that I am not good enough?”

These questions may flood your mind, leaving you depressed. The question you may ask is, “where did I go wrong in my application? “This helps to improve yourself in the next application rather than making you feel less worthy. The truth is, sometimes the company may have already identified someone for the position or there was someone more qualified hence more suitable or other reasons why you got rejected. There are various recommended ways of handling job rejection.

  • Become strategic in your job application

There are numerous vacancies coming your way and a lot of recommendations. It is quite enticing to send out applications to all these positions, but, it’s good to note that this might end up causing more discouragement. Focus on applying for positions you feel excited about and those you meet the qualifications. You do not need to meet 100 percent of the qualifications as in most cases how you present and negotiate during the interview is what matters.

  • Take a break and sharpen your skills

The pressure of finding a job may cause you to spend all your time 24/7 writing and sending out applications. However, as we know this may eventually land you a position, but you may end up feeling too discouraged and overwhelmed. Take time off and re-energize in the day, you could also use this time to network as this will be beneficial in the job search.

It is important to take advantage of the time you have and sharpen your axe(skills). Identify some of the skills needed in your industry and enrol to gain a certification or build on your skill set.

  • Volunteer and utilize your skills

Apart from taking a break, you could lend a hand to an organization of your choice. This will help in taking your mind off the frustration of the job search and instead you will focus your energies on utilizing your skills and gaining more experience. Furthermore, you will interact with people and this will build on your connections. This is the most effective way of keeping motivated in the job search process.

  • Identify a motivation partner

Finally, it is recommended that you join a job seekers group or identify someone in your circles whom you would update on your job search process and who is willing to be a motivation partner. This person can be someone who has landed a job recently or one who is still searching and identifies with your job search woes. Recruiters can also be good motivation partners as they not only prepare you for the job but also recommend the job positions to apply.

If you feel like giving up on your job search, use these tips to keep yourself motivated. You will soon land your dream job.

How to dress for a job interview

It’s very exciting to be short-listed for a job interview, but here comes the part that brings anxiety, how do you dress for the interview to create the best impression?

It is said that 55 percent of people judge you based on how you dress. This means that when you are thinking of what to wear for that day, you need to think of the A-Game. Have it in mind that how you dress speaks not only of your personality but also your work ethics. The role you are applying for should also determine how to dress. This is where good research of the organisation comes in handy, as you will get to understand the company ethics and expectations in terms of dressing as they vary from one organisation to another. Poor dressing could be one of the reasons why you go for interviews but no job offers. So what are some of the considerations you need to make to give the best personal image?

Photo by Andrea Natali on Unsplash

Photo by Andrea Natali on Unsplash


Have a well-fitting and iron-pressed outfit

Well-fitting clothes are important for men as they are for the ladies. For the men, you should always wear a suit that is the right size. An over-sized suit, which is a mistake a good number of men make in interviews, will make you look sloppy which is not what you want to portray. You should also ensure that the belt is pulled up the waist making you look tidy and mature as well. It is also recommended that the belt is the same colour as the shoes. For the ladies, avoid wearing small-fitting mini-skirts, low-cut tops or bold prints to the interview. Proper fitting and comfortable high heels are also good in portraying a good posture. Remember, the main objective of the interview is to show professionalism, therefore dress the part.

Photo credits:https://www.pexels.com/photo/70292/

Photo credits:https://www.pexels.com/photo/70292/

Ideal outfit colours

Most people opt for black as it is the safest colour, but also a symbol of authority. Navy blue conveys confidence and power and it is advisable for the suits of both men and women in an interview, while a white shirt and a red or blue tie are preferred for the men. If you intend to go for other vibrant colours, keep in mind your skin tone and avoid colours that would distract the interviewer such as pink for ladies.

Good grooming

The outfit goes hand in hand with grooming. The nails should be short and well manicured. For the ladies, you should avoid brightly coloured nail polish and instead go for a more neutral colour, you should also go for subtle makeup and minimal jewellery. It is important to be well-shaved and have a nicely coiffed hairstyle for the ladies. Good grooming portrays self-respect, therefore, ensure that this is well brought out in the interview.

In conclusion, remember that all the interviewer sees from the moment you walk through the door is how you are dressed. This means that if you are uncomfortable in your outfit it will all show and this may cost you a position.No matter how well prepared you are for the interview in terms of presentation or how much you have practised that firm hand-shake, your outfit and grooming speaks volumes. Therefore, consider making the right impression.

Top Tips for a successful job search on the internet


Over the years, due to globalization and technological growth, job search and job advertisement are gradually shifting from the traditional printed media to the online platform. This means that the present job seeker needs to be well-equipped with the necessary skills to effectively land a job through online application and networking.

Photo credits: https://www.pexels.com/photo/374016/

Photo credits: https://www.pexels.com/photo/374016/

Polish your LinkedIn profile and networks

LinkedIn is the most professional social media platform and most employers are using it to link to the best candidates in the industry. How do you ensure your Linkedin account creates a pathway to your next job?

To begin with, ensure you complete your profile with a background of your skills and past experience. Secondly, make sure your profile picture gives the best and most professional impression about you. Finally, target people from your industry as your connections to increase your net-worth. In this way, you will certainly get updates of job vacancies and you could as well reach out to potential employers who will easily evaluate your value by looking through your profile.

Use the internet to do a research on the company

Most companies have a website and some are very active on social media. As a job seeker, it is important to perform your due diligence by thoroughly conducting a research on the company vision, mission ,core-values, achievements and forecasts which may be well illustrated on the internet . It is also wise to check up employees of the company on social media as this will give you a picture of the company culture. The more effort you put in the research, the easier it becomes to write a convincing cover letter and answer to the interview questions.

State your career goals on your online profiles

Online profiles are gradually becoming the doorway to landing jobs in the current era. Having a professional profile that clearly states your career goals will give you an edge with that employer who decides to check out your social media pages . Your statuses also speak a lot about what’s on your mind– and by having statuses that are worth taking the time to read, then you win the heart of those considering to work with you.

Make it intentional to network both online and in person

Having the relevant contacts and not interacting with them is like attending a networking event and not talking to anyone. Use the social media accounts to communicate relevant messages either regarding your career path or the values you uphold in person. You could also introduce yourself directly to your networks or those linked to your friends and slowly build a relationship. However, it is important to note that you should not make demands but instead focus on building the relationship and connection. Therefore, master the art of networking as a job seeker.

In a nutshell, the internet is wide, and there are vast opportunities available. For successful prospects , have a target in terms of the networks to make as well as the opportunities to apply for. This will ensure that you do not apply for positions unnecessarily or have networks that are not beneficial to your career or personal development. Finally, It is also good to note that linking up with recruiters is the easiest way of networking as they are already linked to employers.

Tips on avoiding bad hires in an organization

Bad hires are expensive to any organization as it costs both time and money to lose an employee months after recruitment. The cost of a bad hire has a direct correlation to the work position, whereby the higher the position, the more the cost.However,this problem can be alleviated by solving the root cause which is in the recruitment process.

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

Some of the tips on avoiding the brunt of bad hires in an organization include:

Avoid recycling positions

Positions and titles are very temporary as the market and organization need a change from time to time. In the event of a vacant position, the hiring manager should evaluate the organization needs and re-define the position based on the findings. One of the ways of getting updated on the trends in the job market is having a professional recruiter on your side.

Give a detailed Job description during the recruitment

A job description is a key element in preventing unqualified candidates from applying for the job. Applicants look out for the qualifications and then the job description. Therefore, by having a detailed job description, a job seeker can easily evaluate their skills and experience and apply for the position if they match or pass the position if they don’t match, making it easier for the hiring team.

Conduct interviews with multiple candidates

Most times in a bid to save time, it might look like the easiest way to recruit a candidate is by shortlisting and interviewing the potential candidate. However, it is advisable to have interviews with multiple candidates. This will give you different perspectives from all the candidates and this may actually help you identify some red flags as well as top skills that you might have overlooked.

Take the time to run background checks

A very crucial aspect in recruitment that may often be overlooked is doing a background check on the potential employee. This may take time, but the time lost cannot be compared to hiring the wrong person in the team. Which position did they hold before and does the candidate have references from the previous organization?

Utilize the available networks and resources

The most productive technique to get the perfect match for a job positions is through networks and recommendations. This is the main reason why employers and hiring managers do an internal advertisement before having an external vacancy announcement. Having the right networks and recruiters to recommend potential candidate makes the job less tasking for you, as you don’t need to deal with a long pile of CVs to consider.

In conclusion, the most effective ways to keep off bad hires is by conducting the recruitment process in a more effective manner. This is through creatively redefining positions in the organization, creating a concise job description, conducting job interviews on multiple candidates, doing background checks and using the available networks and resources to source the best candidates in the market. By taking the time to apply these techniques, a hiring manager will save the company the much time and money lost in the case of bad hires.

Why should i consult a recruiter?

The decision whether to consult a recruiter is a tough one to make. However, bad hires are the worst nightmare for any hiring manager as the negative effects are felt both financially and in terms of time lost. Therefore, if your company is considering whether or not to hire a recruiter, these are some of the benefits a recruiter brings:

Photo credits: https://images.pexels.com/photos/776615/pexels-photo-776615.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&h=350

Photo credits: https://images.pexels.com/photos/776615

  • Recruiters have the best market experience

A professional recruiter understands the market much better than anyone else. This is because they have both an external and internal understanding of what is happening in terms of competitive company recruitment, retrenchment, salary levels etc. Getting the ideal candidates is not just about the CV and the interview phases, there is need to get an unbiased opinion of the market trends and hence the best match.

  • Recruiters can identify both active and passive job seekers

In some cases, the best match of a position in a company is not actively searching for a job. By having a reliable recruiter, they are able to use their networks to identify that talent and convince the candidate to join the team. This will ensure that your company positions are always filled with the best talent in the market.

  • Recruiters know how to communicate with candidates

Recruiters know how to ask the right questions to determine the motivation, interests, strengths, and weaknesses of a candidate. With their experience in the recruitment process and working with different organizations and candidates, they can easily detect red flags which may not be identified in a normal interview.

  • Recruiters save companies time and money

Recruitment requires proactivity, however, with all the main roles to play in a company, it is quite impossible to prioritize the hiring process. Recruiters are able to conduct the recruitment process using the shortest time possible because of their experience and expertise. This saves the organization time that could be allocated for other income generating projects or main responsibilities.

Recruiters are not just important for companies, but they come in handy for the job seeker as well. I know this is probably new for job seekers, but there are so many benefits to using a recruiter to land the next job:

Photo credits: https://images.pexels.com/photos/7114/laptop-mobile.jpg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&h=350

Photo credits:

  • Recruiters give you access to “hidden job markets”

There are companies that don’t use the traditional job advertising platforms. This is because there costs in times of money and time that the company would rather avoid. Secondly, employers recognize that recruiters can easily submit well-qualified candidates for interviews within a very short time. Therefore, by consulting a recruitment company, as a job seeker, you get access to these “hidden” job markets.

  • Recruiters reduce the anxiety that comes with job search

Job seeking comes with a lot of anxiety, this is both for new job seekers and those wishing to switch jobs. A diligent recruiter works in your best interest. This is because the recruiters play the role of reviewing CVs, preparing for interviews, helping you to understand the company cultures and the industry, helps in the preparation of interviews and general career placement.

  • Recruiters offer accredited Psychometric tests and feedback

Psychometric tests are the modern way of testing mental capabilities and behavioral styles on candidates. By linking to a good recruiter, you get a chance to take a psychometric test and most importantly the evaluation feedback. This places you in a better position as a candidate in the job market.

In conclusion, professional recruiters play a very big role in matching ideal candidates and the company. They also provide an opportunity for follow up and training and development to equip the team with the necessary skills for productivity in the workplace. Therefore, in order to speed up the job search as well as save on the high cost incurred in the recruitment process, it is wise to consult the best and professional recruiters in the market.