“Sell me this pen”-Interview Question

When attending a sales, marketing or any other related jobs, one brainstorming question that interviewers use to gauge the sales skills is to ask you to sell a pen, an apple or any of the company products. You may have the best CV and shown confidence throughout the interview, but how good are you for the job? This means that you should be prepared to pitch the product or service.

Photo credits:https://www.pexels.com/photo-953210

Photo credits:https://www.pexels.com/photo-953210

There is no right answer for these questions as the interviewer is interested in the process that you follow, your creativity, enthusiasm for the job, verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Show positivity and enthusiasm

It is important to show that you are excited about the job and the product you are selling. Enthusiasm is portrayed both verbally and non-verbally. Therefore, you should make sure you polish on your presentation skills. Practice how to pitch the product using the necessary gestures, facial expressions, and enthusiastic voice.

Ask Questions

An essential part of the sales process is understanding the customer. One way to engage the interviewer is by asking for clarification as a potential ‘buyer’.

For example, you could say,  ”In order to understand better how my product may be of efficient use to you, I would like to learn more about you as the customer and your consumption patterns. Kindly help me understand: When was the last time you used a pen and how often do you use it on a daily basis? Are you content with your current writing tools? What is the most satisfying experience for you as a pen user? What is the most frustrating part of using a pen?”

With the responses from the interviewer, modify your pitch to emphasize the features that are most helpful to them. This will help you to have a personal experience with the ‘end-user’ other than just listing the pen features.

Probe for objections against the product or service

Another key element of the sales process is eliciting criticism on the product or service. For example you could say,” Is there anything that would stand in the way of you making a purchase after hearing my pitch?”

After getting the response, you could try come up with a counteroffer or make a recommendation as to why the interviewer should consider buying the product.

Be Flexible

In some instances, the interviewer may not be willing to engage with you by providing ‘customer’ preferences. You need to be ready as enthusiastic without the interviewer’s input. The best way to approach this is by listing features in terms of your own experience with the pen or other products and the likely experience of other users.

Aim at Closing a Deal

The main purpose of sales and marketing is closing a deal. You should, therefore, focus on closing a deal at the end of your pitch. Keep in mind that you are not just closing a deal to sell the pen, you are closing the ‘interview-deal’. Therefore be creative and give it the sales experience the best shot.


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