Six interview questions to sift exceptional candidates

Having covered the common interview questions and how to give the best answers, there are six interview questions that top companies use to get the best talent. These are questions that candidates should be prepared for and employers should ask to avoid bad hires in the organization.

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Tell us about a time in your career that you were so passionate about something that nothing could stop you from pursuing it. What hindrances did you overcome?

This question is used to test for determination in the candidate. The interviewer is interested in both the task and the duration. How long can you persevere?

Tell us about a time you made a measurable/quantitative impact in your organization or community.

How much do you believe in leaving a mark? The interviewer wants to practically understand how impactful you are as a person. This will be a guideline in how much impact you will make in the organization.

Tell about a time you experienced injustice and what your response to it was.

How do you handle injustice? Are you the kind of person to keep venting and complaining about the situation? Potential managers do not want a person who will keep whining about injustices or things going on in the company. They want a person who will be proactive and have another alternative to the issue. Sadly, most people would rather keep complaining about an issue rather than seeking the alternative.

When working as a team, which is the hardest part for you? Or they may ask- Tell u about a time you experienced a difficult team, how did you handle this?

What the interviewer wants to understand is, how much of a team player are you? Do you have the ability to empathize with your colleagues? Every organization wants to recruit a person who understands and works well with a team.

What was the last thing you really put so much effort to learn?

In the Cover letter its pretty common to find attributes such as,”I am a quick learner”,”I am teachable.” This question brings out the practicality of how curious and obsessive about gaining new skills a candidate is. Employees want a candidate who has that desire to understand and gain knowledge, as this will reflect in their work when employed. As a candidate, you need to clearly explain what the skill was and how relevant it was to what you were doing. You also need to explain how much time and effort it took you to gain the new skill.

Tell us about a time you used data in your decision making.

This question is testing both your decision-making skills and ability to interpret complex data. You need to clearly explain what the issue was and how using data and not random thinking helped to solve the problem.

In conclusion, employers want candidates who show determination, impact, pro-activity, team-work, curiosity and good decision making. As a candidate some of these questions may at first throw you off when you don’t have the right experience or examples to give. It is therefore important to put to work these six skills in your day to day life.

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