How To Speed Up Your Job Search

Is the job search process beginning to feel like a full time job in itself?

Searching for jobs is often hard work and a process where time means everything. With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, job seekers need to be even smarter to stay ahead of the competition and reduce the time spent unemployed.


Here are a few tips to enhance the process.

  1. Be prepared

Often job seekers come across various opportunities but because of lack of preparation and being caught unawares, often miss out. Always have a CV and cover letter ready that can act as your template to guide you when applying for jobs. You’re much likely to save on time this way which could mean the difference between success and failure.

  1. Technology

Are you leveraging technology fully in your job search process?

Hundreds of jobs are being posted online daily and in today’s world, jobs can now come to you. Job sites are now offering the option of signing up for job alerts tailored to your profession and experience, a feature that could go a long way in your job search. Pick a couple of reputable job sites to stay up to speed on the latest job posts and accelerate your search.

  1. Networking

The truth is, not all jobs are advertised which is where networking can be a great advantage. Make sure that all the contacts in your professional network are aware that you are searching for job and ask for valuable job information. Networking events are a great place to start on expanding your network.

  1. Presentation skills

Having a good CV is great but presentation skills are what finally get you through the door during the interview stage. Polish up your presentation skills and make sure you can explain every part of your CV. Also, familiarize yourself with common interview questions and do research on companies before a job interview to refine your pitch and tailor your presentation for the job.

  1. Recruitment firms

Consider seeking expert help from recruitment firms as they usually have a wide pool of vacancies that they’re looking to fill. Where applicable, they can help you polish your CV and prepare for any upcoming interview.


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How To Know If A Job Is Right For You

Have you ever seen a job post and known, right down to your very bones,that it was made for you? Or maybe, dismissed a job at first glance, simply because it wasn’t ‘you’?

How could you tell?

If you saw the perfect job, would you know it?

According to Margaret, our Head of Recruitment, applying for the right jobs is not only critical to the success of your job search, but ensures that you thrive in the workplace once you secure your dream job. “In fact, it makes the job search process much more efficient and makes interviews less nerve wrecking than they usually are.” she says.

At Recours Four Kenya, we’re determined not only to help candidates find jobs by linking them with our clients, but ensuring the jobs are the right fit for them.

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Here are few indicators we look out for:

  1. Skill set

Meeting the minimum criteria for the job you’re applying for ensures that your CV gets past the first stage and warrants a second glance. While it’s good to take a few risks once in a while, give yourself the best shot by applying for jobs that require your particular skills.


  1. Motivation

Ask yourself this, if you didn’t need to be paid and could still meet your needs, would you still do the job or would you leave it all together? Outline your key motivations and check them against the job details to determine if they are aligned.

Even though motivation cannot compare to skills, it plays an important role in your work productivity and innovation, so don’t completely write it off.


  1. Working  style

Just like there are different personalities, everyone has a different working style. Some people prefer routine while others are excited by new challenges and prefer project based work. Others like working alone, even though their colleagues prefer to work in groups. Most jobs usually require a variety of working styles. Aligning potential jobs with your working style, ensures you can perform the job both effectively and with ease.


So the next time you’re not sure whether to apply for a job or not, evaluate yourself based on these factors and increase your chances of job success.


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