Are You Communicating Effectively With Your Customers?

Customers are usually at the heart of every business so it makes sense to know how to communicate with them, right?

On 4th February 2017, we held a Customer Service Skills workshop that focused on the most critical aspect of customer service; communication. The training managed to change the mind sets of the attendees on the need for customer communication excellence and how it contributes to the overall success of the business.

The Customer service and communication skills training program is tailored for Customer service managers, customer care personnel, technical and support personnel, field service representatives, account managers, small business owners—as well as managers who want customer service training in order to reinforce their skills and train their staffs.

Delivery of the training is done in the most outstanding way, engaging, fun, practical, you name it! The main aspect of this delivery is to give the participants a practical experience while covering all the must knows and emerging trends in customer service today.


What was covered?

Well wouldn’t you like to know? We covered key issues encountered in the day to day interactions with customers to unusual situations such as how to deal with difficult customers. All, with the overall objective of changing how you see customer service as a function of the business to showing you what outstanding customer service is all about. Some of the topics covered include;

  • The benefits of providing good customer service
  • Focusing on customer service excellence and success
  • Managing customer expectations by personality style
  • How customer service creates revenue
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Responding effectively to specific customer behaviors


Basically, the training gives you a good understanding on how to deliver better service and increased customer satisfaction while learning how to gain repeat business. In today’s corporate world, businesses are increasingly becoming customer oriented thus developing and maintaining customer relationships is essential for every business to gain a competitive advantage. Considering this uncertain business climate, excellent customer communication is one of the things that can set you apart and lead to a high customer retention rate.

Did you miss our last training?

See what you missed and what our attendees had to say.

If you missed our last training, no need to worry.

Check out our next training event on Personal Branding and Marketing Skills Training taking place on 11th March 2017, from 2.00pm -7.00pm at Panari Hotel

Personal Branding Training In Kenya Recours Four Kenya

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Best Project Management Skills Training in Kenya

Who doesn’t want to become successful at handling projects? To work together effectively on any project, everyone on the team needs to use a common language and have a clear understanding of all expectations.

What’s in it for you?

This unique course is designed for individuals with little or no prior knowledge of project management who serve on project management teams, those who simply want to know more about Project management or those who are making the transition to project management. In just a few hours, you’ll develop an understanding of essential terminology and apply basic PM tools and techniques to increase your effectiveness both on the team and in your own functional area with this compressed training module.

What’s the course all about?

Facilitated by our lead trainer- Ms. Nyokabi Njuguna participants will be in  a position to understand project management processes, learn how to Identify and align the project stakeholders and estimate any project activity accurately.

Best Project Management Skills Training in Kenya

A well rounded business executive – coach, mentor and professional trainer, having trained +4000 delegates (Corporates, SMEs and non-profit leaders) to date from over 15 countries and co-developed over 300 curricula to date in various subjects.  Ms. Nyokabi has been carrying out the project management skills for non-project managers program for the last 7-8 years. She sits on several local and International boards.

What’s more? After this course you will able to validate project requirements against the SMART Tool by learning how to support project functions and work well in teams. The best part is that you gain a certificate upon completion of this programme.

Who should attend this spectacular training?

The event which will be held at Panari Hotel on 16.07.2016 and is open to those who are involved in projects such as subject matter experts, team members, project sponsors, contributors, facilitators and coordinators or anyone interested in the program.


What are the charges?

The charges for interested applicants is 4000 KES per person which is inclusive of tea/snacks/ fruit juices/ chefs choice of cyclic menu for snacks, training materials and certificates.

All payments should be made to our mpesa buy goods till number: 909370 before the deadline. For any queries about this training programme, feel free to contact us through our head of programs- Yvonne Opundo on: 0707321450/ 0205289239

To register for this spectacular event send your full names and telephone number directly to:

To get a comprehensive look at the course outline,

click here:Project Management Course Details

Come and gain the tools and techniques needed to excel in project functions with Recours 4 Kenya Consultants Ltd.

Best Project Management Skills Training in Kenya