Tips on avoiding bad hires in an organization

Bad hires are expensive to any organization as it costs both time and money to lose an employee months after recruitment. The cost of a bad hire has a direct correlation to the work position, whereby the higher the position, the more the cost.However,this problem can be alleviated by solving the root cause which is in the recruitment process.

Photo by from Pexels

Photo by from Pexels

Some of the tips on avoiding the brunt of bad hires in an organization include:

Avoid recycling positions

Positions and titles are very temporary as the market and organization need a change from time to time. In the event of a vacant position, the hiring manager should evaluate the organization needs and re-define the position based on the findings. One of the ways of getting updated on the trends in the job market is having a professional recruiter on your side.

Give a detailed Job description during the recruitment

A job description is a key element in preventing unqualified candidates from applying for the job. Applicants look out for the qualifications and then the job description. Therefore, by having a detailed job description, a job seeker can easily evaluate their skills and experience and apply for the position if they match or pass the position if they don’t match, making it easier for the hiring team.

Conduct interviews with multiple candidates

Most times in a bid to save time, it might look like the easiest way to recruit a candidate is by shortlisting and interviewing the potential candidate. However, it is advisable to have interviews with multiple candidates. This will give you different perspectives from all the candidates and this may actually help you identify some red flags as well as top skills that you might have overlooked.

Take the time to run background checks

A very crucial aspect in recruitment that may often be overlooked is doing a background check on the potential employee. This may take time, but the time lost cannot be compared to hiring the wrong person in the team. Which position did they hold before and does the candidate have references from the previous organization?

Utilize the available networks and resources

The most productive technique to get the perfect match for a job positions is through networks and recommendations. This is the main reason why employers and hiring managers do an internal advertisement before having an external vacancy announcement. Having the right networks and recruiters to recommend potential candidate makes the job less tasking for you, as you don’t need to deal with a long pile of CVs to consider.

In conclusion, the most effective ways to keep off bad hires is by conducting the recruitment process in a more effective manner. This is through creatively redefining positions in the organization, creating a concise job description, conducting job interviews on multiple candidates, doing background checks and using the available networks and resources to source the best candidates in the market. By taking the time to apply these techniques, a hiring manager will save the company the much time and money lost in the case of bad hires.

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