How to Ace the video interview

Advanced technology and globalization are revolutionalizing the recruiting process. Most multinational companies are adopting video interview as a hiring technique. You may think its easier to have interviewers virtually compared to the traditional form of interviewing but it’s not. A lot has to be put into consideration. Video interviews carry as much weight as in-person interviews therefore proper planning is key.

The interviewers objective for a video interview is the same as in-person interviews. You will be asked the same kind of questions and you will also be expected to ask the right questions.

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What are some of the tips to consider for your next video interview?

Do a trial run of the equipment

Whether the equipment is yours or belonging to the office, you need to test run the equipment a day or two before the interview. This will make you sure on how to use the equipment and also to avoid installation issues or password problems in the last minute.

Setting up the equipment

The camera should be at eye-level. It should not be above or below your eye-level to avoid shadows or unflattering double-chins.

The place should be quiet. If you are interviewing at home, you need to make sure that at the time of the interview, you are in a quiet surrounding.

Make sure the sound is crystal clear. You need to ensure that both the headphone’s speaker and microphone are working perfectly to avoid response hitches during the main interview.

Be Keen on the Appearance

Dress like you would for an in-person interview. Ideally, the camera should show from the waist upwards, however, if you may need to stand up, you need to ensure that you are still presentable.

Have a tidy Background. You need to take a keen look at the background that shows up in the video. Is it tidy and professional or does it look distracting? It is recommended to have a plain wall or an office-like setting.

Maintain eye-contact. During the interview, you need to look straight at the camera and not the picture image of yourself on the screen. You also need to minimize on the hand gestures which may be distracting.

Be well-set on time

You need to be well-prepared and set 15 minutes or more before the interview. There is nothing as bad as the interviewer realizing you are not ready for the interview and it’s time to start. That is why you need to test and set up the equipment in advance and settle before the starting time.

Send your documents in Advance

Make sure you send your resume, CV or any other documents needed to the interviewer in advance.

In conclusion, the video interview is equally important to an in-person interview. Prepare well in advance. Remember, that the surrounding you choose matters, so make it professional and present yourself well like you would in a normal interview.


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