Tips on writing a CV with No work experience

You just finished your undergraduate and you want to apply for that first job/internship. You have zero experience,  and you have always known a very important section in a CV is the work experience which you don’t have. You really don’t know what to do since a CV should be at least 2 pages long. You have even tried to add spaces in between the lines, use different fonts for the sub-headings or even include unnecessary information such as religion and marital status, but all this makes it even more frustrating. What should you do? All hope is not lost.

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Have an eye-catching Career Objective

Just below your name and contact information, write a short paragraph which is a summary of who you are and your career objective. Talk about what you are passionate about, highlight your skills and what you would like to achieve in your career life. Make sure it fits the role you are applying for. Despite your lack of experience, this will demonstrate who you are and what you want to achieve.

Emphasize on other internships, industrial attachment or Voluntary experience

Do you have other internships or voluntary experience? Include this and highlight the responsibilities and skills you gained during the experience. The industrial internship despite being a requirement in school would also be good to include in the CV, even if you feel you were made to run errands instead of work. Internships are truly worth the time and experience.

Highlight your Education

The most important qualifications for a fresh graduate are the education and grades achieved. Make it clear that you have achieved that degree or diploma and also whether you achieved a Second Class Upper or First Class, which is what employers are interested in. If you got a Second Class Lower, you could omit it as it could make you miss out on an interview.

Include Relevant skills and competencies

What soft skills and competencies do the Job Description demand? Indicate the relevant skills that you feel you possess either from internship experience or leadership capacities. Managers and recruiters understand that you may not have a job experience but there are skills and competencies that you can offer.

For example, if you were a Student leader, Class rep or Club official, include this in the CV as this proves that you possess leadership skills. If you were an MC during an Event, this shows that you have amazing public speaking skills. If you were part of an organising committee for an event, this will prove that you have wonderful teamwork and organisation skills. In addition, you could include relevant leadership conferences or fellowships you have participated. In conclusion, take a look at what you have achieved in the past and what you enjoy doing and highlight it as a skill.

Having no experience does not mean you can’t have a good CV. The only difference is that you will have less content. Remember not to exaggerate or give unnecessary details. You can actually get a job with zero experience.


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