Top Tips for a successful job search on the internet


Over the years, due to globalization and technological growth, job search and job advertisement are gradually shifting from the traditional printed media to the online platform. This means that the present job seeker needs to be well-equipped with the necessary skills to effectively land a job through online application and networking.

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Polish your LinkedIn profile and networks

LinkedIn is the most professional social media platform and most employers are using it to link to the best candidates in the industry. How do you ensure your Linkedin account creates a pathway to your next job?

To begin with, ensure you complete your profile with a background of your skills and past experience. Secondly, make sure your profile picture gives the best and most professional impression about you. Finally, target people from your industry as your connections to increase your net-worth. In this way, you will certainly get updates of job vacancies and you could as well reach out to potential employers who will easily evaluate your value by looking through your profile.

Use the internet to do a research on the company

Most companies have a website and some are very active on social media. As a job seeker, it is important to perform your due diligence by thoroughly conducting a research on the company vision, mission ,core-values, achievements and forecasts which may be well illustrated on the internet . It is also wise to check up employees of the company on social media as this will give you a picture of the company culture. The more effort you put in the research, the easier it becomes to write a convincing cover letter and answer to the interview questions.

State your career goals on your online profiles

Online profiles are gradually becoming the doorway to landing jobs in the current era. Having a professional profile that clearly states your career goals will give you an edge with that employer who decides to check out your social media pages . Your statuses also speak a lot about what’s on your mind– and by having statuses that are worth taking the time to read, then you win the heart of those considering to work with you.

Make it intentional to network both online and in person

Having the relevant contacts and not interacting with them is like attending a networking event and not talking to anyone. Use the social media accounts to communicate relevant messages either regarding your career path or the values you uphold in person. You could also introduce yourself directly to your networks or those linked to your friends and slowly build a relationship. However, it is important to note that you should not make demands but instead focus on building the relationship and connection. Therefore, master the art of networking as a job seeker.

In a nutshell, the internet is wide, and there are vast opportunities available. For successful prospects , have a target in terms of the networks to make as well as the opportunities to apply for. This will ensure that you do not apply for positions unnecessarily or have networks that are not beneficial to your career or personal development. Finally, It is also good to note that linking up with recruiters is the easiest way of networking as they are already linked to employers.

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