5 Habits that improve your communication skills

Soft skills are a great asset to have on your career journey and one of the things interviewers look out for ideal candidates. Some of the essential skills are presentation and communication skills. This means that in order to have a successful career, you need to work on improving your presentation and communication skills. How do you achieve excellent presentation and communication skills?

Photo credits:https://www.flickr.com/photos/wolvesandbilstonac/15602977252/

Photo credits:https://www.flickr.com/photos/wolvesandbilstonac/15602977252/


Be keen on non-verbal communication

Research states that 55% of communication done is non-verbal. This proves that the message you are relaying is only communicated by 45% of what you say. Your body language is therefore very critical in an interview setting. Avoid slouching-maintain an upright posture throughout the interview to show confidence. Learn to adopt a proper posture in your day to day life.

Learn to make eye contact. This is something that growing up, it was never instilled in us. To some, it is even a sense of rudeness to keep eye-contact with someone who is older or at a higher authority. However, when it comes to the corporate world, maintaining eye contact with an audience or an individual shows interest and confidence.

Know your key-points

It is important to know the key points of your message whether its a presentation or an interview setting. This is for the sake of emphasis and repetition. If possible, begin and end with the key points. Ask yourself,”What is the message I want to convey? What are my key points or keywords, “then concentrate on bringing that out as coherently as possible.

This means that the best way to become a good communicator is to learn how to research first, get the message and evaluate the key points.

Listen more than you talk

This sounds a bit the opposite of what we expect, as we think communication or presentation is so much about what you say. However, a good listener is the best communicator. A good listener takes the thoughts or questions of the other person into account before they speak. In an interview, this allows you to answer the tricky questions. In a meeting or presentation, you can provide a thoughtful answer that earns you respect.

Speak slowly but coherently

Speak slowly to articulate the words right but not too slow as to show lack of confidence. Speaking too fast makes the audience miss out on what you are saying. Therefore know the balance and remember that what is important is the content of your message.

Focus on earning respect

Finally, each time you speak either to a big audience or to anyone, focus on earning respect more than making people laugh or just driving in points. Let this be a goal you aim at achieving each time you want to pass a message. It’s good to know how to create a balance between having a light moment, which makes your audience more comfortable and maintaining that professional respect. The secret is in knowing the timing.

Therefore, in order to adopt good communication and presentation, there are habits you need to adopt in your day to day talks and in preparation: Know the non-verbal cues that you need to adopt or drop, speak coherently,prepare and know the key-points, listen more than you speak and work on earning respect. With these, you will gradually become a very good communicator.

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