Why do you want to work here?

“You know I need the money to sustain myself.” You may think to yourself after getting this question. Well, Its true we all work and want compensation for our efforts, but you don’t want the interviewer to get the impression that you are there for the money.

The best way to answer this question is to first understand why the interviewer asks this question in the first place.  What the interviewer wants to find out from you is:

  • Are your career goals in line with the position and the company goals?
  • Are you committed to staying or are you there just for the meantime before you leave for green pastures?
  • What are your motivations for applying?
  • How much do you know about the company, position and industry?
Photo credits: https://www.pexels.com/photo/-515169/

Photo credits: https://www.pexels.com/photo/-515169/

Every person feels good when their ego is elevated. One of the ways to answer this question is by describing the company position in a positive light. You could talk about the company’s core-values, relationship with employees and customers, company goals etc. Indicate that this is the kind of working environment you have always desired to work in. The interviewer will realize that you have actually done a background research and you really want to work there.

To get a good understanding of the company achievements and goals, you could check out the company website, recent media coverage of the organization and from your networks. What is it that you like most about the company? What is the reputation of the company out there? How does the culture of the company fit with your own personal values? These are some of the things the interviewer is interested in hearing.

Secondly, you could talk about your career objectives and goals and match them with the position or company goals. For example, you could talk about doing a Masters degree that is in line with your job position and the fact that the work experience is relevant to your goals. Does the company have a department that you are specifically interested in both now or in the future?

Thirdly, what appeals you or excited you about this job offer? You need to show commitment and interest in the job position so that It does not look like you are there for the sake of it. Enthusiasm is very crucial, you need to show that desire to work and the love for the job.

A sample answer to consider is,

“I have a three-year experience in the Floriculture industry. XYZ Limited is the best in the market and I am more than pleased to get the opportunity to work with the best.Secondly, take a look at the company website and with your reputation in the industry, you create the best working environment for your employees and clients. You are also known to be the best in innovation and use of technology that is why the company won the Breeder of the year in the just-concluded International Floriculture Exhibition. I would like to grow in my career journey towards Horticultural Research and development and that is why I would like to work with you because I have the right skill-set for the position.

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